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Citizens of the World Choir is so much more than a choir.

We are a professional musical organisation that advocates for understanding, dignity and kindness through the transformative impact of music and song.We offer expert musical training, diverse opportunities, sustain a thriving and safe community for displaced people and work as an integrated part of the refugee support and solidarity network in the UK.Alongside our regular rehearsals we keep our family together by providing pastoral care & support, data packages and devices to keep people connected, as well as covering travel costs and wherever we can contributing to emergency food and medical costs. At every turn, we focus on our members’ strengths to empower self advocacy, improve mental health and build confidence.Finally, performing - it’s the thing we love most, it’s the thing that we’re the best at, and it is our most powerful tool to counter the hostile narratives around immigration and migrants. We use our voices to stand up for people seeking safety in the UK and to ensure people can live with dignity, rebuild their lives and contribute to their communities.

If you want to support our work then please book us or donate to help us keep on our mission.

£10 -  £30
Will cover the travel to a rehearsal for one of our displaced members or get them some data so we can be in contact

£50 - £100
Will pay for our rehearsal space for up to a month

£500 - £750
Covers the cost of a coach for a gig out of London or to have our brilliant accompanist with us for an entire season

£2,500 - £3,000
is what it costs to run our organisation for a week