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Citizens of the World Choir is a not for profit organisation. We cover the costs of travel and food for our displaced members, as well as providing more general support for the cost of living, and pay MU rates to our artists and a minimum of the London Living Wage to our team. We aim to balance commercial bookings with those in aid of organisations working in the refugee & migration sector, which we provide at a subsidised rate.

Our standard fee for commercial booking is £5,000 - £10,000. Other packages, including those for refugee-supporting organisations, are available on request. All our performances are bespoke and tailored to the event, and can include refugee art & poetry as well as music from around the world, all arranged like you’ve never heard it before.

Our primary aims are:

- to aid healing through the power of music
- to aid community integration (our community is a 50/50 split of our displaced members & local people)
- to change the narrative surrounding refugees & migrants

How we pick our projects & collaborations:

We don't expect every booking to fulfil all our criteria, but these are always the things we are looking for:

- Do the values of the event or project align with our mission statement and will it be a safe space for our members?- - Will this performance help financially sustain our choir?
- Will this be an exciting, enjoyable opportunity for our members?
- Will we be supporting another charitable organisation?
- Do we have enough time to prepare?

We are always keen to hear from people who are looking to collaborate: please do use the form below to get in touch.

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We believe in sharing our best practices and being open about all the lessons we have learned along the way.

We hope this will lift up those embarking on similar journeys and support individuals and organisations working with us so we can have happy and empowering collaborations!

Download our WORKING WITH US documents below.