The UK's leading Refugee CHoir

Citizens of the World Choir is A professional organisation & musical family that celebrates the artistry, heritage and humanity of people seeking sanctuary, and their allies.

We advocate for understanding, dignity and kindness through the transformative impact of music and song.

​In 2017, after the closure of the Calais Jungle, Lord Roger Roberts of Llandudno dreamt of a project that would open its arms to the refugee community in the UK. As a proud Welshman, he knew it had to be a choir.

Musical Director Becky Dell, composer Tom Donald and the team didn't need asking twice. Citizens of the World choir was born and we haven't looked back: our choir is now 50 members strong, representing nearly 28+ different nationalities. Our mission has integration at its heart and our community evenly embraces those who have had the refugee experience and those who have not, who we call our "ally" members.

Our music and our story highlights the resilience of the human spirit. We have a fresh, extensive and unique repertoire celebrating the rich ethnic and cultural diversity that finds a home in our choir: from Indian ragas, American spirituals and protest songs from across the ages, to folk music in English, Xhosa, Zulu, Kurdish, Welsh and so much more. We specialise in making sure every piece of music we bring to our audiences is a bespoke creation, so we can safely say that you won't hear anything like us anywhere else...

We rehearse in Blackheath (South East London) on Wednesday evenings. We always welcome new members and are excited to hear about new performance opportunities

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