I have lived in Nottingham, York, Bristol and in London.

I really like being on the beach and sitting in one of those sand caves reading my book. 

Driving to the countryside, smelling the grass just after it rained reminds me of home.

I love lasagna and Autumn.

I ended up at the choir because I moved to London and was looking for a choir and somebody at work recommended it. I work a little bit with refugees and migration issues but I particularly wanted a group of friends. I found a family.

It's an early memory but the first time I walked in someone gave me a hug straight away and I hadn’t seen my family for a really long time and to have that familiar feeling straight away was really nice. 

My hopes for the immediate future are that I do more things to make me laugh

The biggest thing I’ve learned in the last 5 years is to not worry as much! 

In 10 years I hope that I would have been part of progress.

We all just need to listen more

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