I’ve lived in lots of different places. I’ve lived in England in London, Bristol and Lecister is my hometown. 

I’ve also travelled a lot, I taught English abroad so I’ve lived in Syria, Egypt, Morocco and the Balkans. 

I myself was born in a refugee camp many years ago so I feel a connection with refugees and migrants. 

The choir is like a family, lots of different people from different countries hearing about all their stories and telling my story. I think people are really surprised when I tell them I was born in a refugee camp.

I look like this average English person but I have this other history. I’ve always been embarrassed about my singing voice but I’ve learnt so much and I feel much more confident about singing and performing so that’s great. 

I’ve learned to be more sensitive to other people's feelings. To not be bossy.

Be kind to each other and don’t be hypocritical or arrogant.  

I’ve had lots of happy memories. A recent one was reading a poem at the British Museum for Refugee Week. I’m proud of that.

I retired four years ago and I wanted to do something that would continue my interests. I heard about this choir.

I hope to read more poetry and I hope to do some workshops, bookmaking and collages. I’d like the choir to do more dancing.

At my age, I hope to just keep going. Hope my energy doesn’t fail me.

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